Valentine’s Day Storm on the way?

The potential weekend storm has become much less likely. A very strong arctic front will move across the south tomorrow night into Saturday, producing some snow flurries and snow showers across Tennessee, North Carolina, and the higher elevations in Northern Alabama, North Georgia and Northern South Carolina.  The front is strong, and this, in combination with the Polar Vortex moving south in NE Canada, will push the low pressure system that would have brought us a potential snowstorm, too far to the South, into the Gulf. Windy and very cold will describe the weather this weekend, as a taste of “real” Winter hits us.  Temperatures in the teens will be common in many areas for Sunday morning, with high temperatures in the thirties and fourties, with some maximum temperatures not getting out of the twenties, in the higher elevations.  The strong high pressure system that is driving the cold into our area will begin to move to the east and northeast Sunday, and into early next week. As the cold air retreats into the Atlantic, an area of low pressure will begin to move into the southern states from the SW US. This will provide overrunning moisture and enough cold air at the surface along with cold air damming down the Appalachians, to allow snow and ice to fall in Northern Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, most of Tennessee and Western and Central North Carolina on Monday night and Tuesday.  Accumulations look very possible, and depending on the extent of the moisture, some areas could see significant snow and ice totals.  Following this, an opportunity for rain comes back toward the end of next week. Once again cold air damming may be possible, so along with the risk for heavy rain, some may see more Wintry precipitation.


About snoah47

Weather lover, that completed my Bachelor's degree in Operational Meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2011. Now working on a Master's degree in Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State University.
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