Models show potential for Winter in the South and East, Ice, Snow next weekend and beyond…..

With the potential change to a positive PNA pattern, bringing cold air and deep troughing to the eastern US, we also see the GFS Model reflecting a strong upper level low developing and rolling across the southern US, potentially bringing snow and ice to the southern US. See attached(courtesy of Instant weather

This image shows the cold temperatures at the 5000 foot level up in the atmosphere, which would support frozen precipitation. See attached(coutesy of Instant weather

This map shows the positive PNA, with a high pressure ridge in the west, and the cold troughing in the east. The Canadian model is also showing a potential wintry precipitation event of next weekend into early the following week, with a colder pattern. The second image shows the 5000 foot temperatures on 2/5(courtesy of Instant weather

This image(courtesy of shows the cool colors in Alaska, which represent the polar vortex still located in Alaska. This kills any transport of cold air from Canada into our area. The next image shows the model depiction of the forecast for the 11-15 day period. Notice how the warm colors now appear in Alaska, showing the vortex replaced by a high pressure ridge. This is a positive PNA and promotes cold transport into the US(down the roller coaster). All models show this now:







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